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Like most, I don't know the direction I want my life to go yet. I enjoy a lot in life and these are just a few of them.
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I just came back from a month long trip across Europe with 2 amazing girls. The things I saw, the food I ate, the people I meant are all indescribable. It was a whole other world being in such places filled with history, love, and extreme culture. I was tired, worn down, and homesick at times but this last month was the most aw inspiring experience I’ve ever had. Nothing makes you understand who you really are more than being in a new place, with new people, having the time of your life.

Faces by iNO using spray paint


Pieces from Pow Wow 13 by DAlest and Faith47


I love this so much! Such an innovative idea for a small space.

Urban Soda Bottle Garden by Rosenbaum & Luciano Huck

Street Art by IEMZA


This is so crazy. Not sure why it’s placed in the middle of a pond, but somehow it makes it seem more surreal!

Helium Balloon Bridge by Pont De Singe


Chocolate Canon D60 by Hans Chung

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